Live demonstration: Cleanroom

Clean production is an important requirement in microelectronics manufacturing. In the Cleanroom Live Demo at productronica, we show how this complex issue can be tackled efficiently and holistically, and what steps are necessary to achieve this.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much talk about clean rooms and clean spaces in microtechnology?

Imagine you're designing and manufacturing precision mechanical watch movements - every tiny component has to fit exactly or the watch won't work properly. That's exactly how it is in microtechnology. Here, our "tiny movements" are sensors, microchips, and other tiny technological marvels. And this is where cleanrooms come in. Cleanrooms are sterile rooms for microtechnology that everyone knows from hospitals. They make sure the air is absolutely clean. And why is that? Because even the smallest particles of dust or germs can destroy products. If your company manufactures such products, clean rooms are often necessary. They provide the clean/pure environment necessary for quality.

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On the Live Demo Cleanroom the pure space agency mycleanroom with its partners dedicates itself among other things to the ranges pure space solutions, pure area in the current enterprise, pure space building and automation, air conditioning technology and ergonomics in the pure area. In individual meetings all relevant topics around the pure area will be presented.

In particular, the topics of ergonomics, laminar flow boxes and energy efficiency have been integrated into the concept as new areas.

A rental cleanroom, an innovative cleanroom solution characterized by flexibility, speed and simplicity, will serve as the stage for the demonstrations. In and around the cleanroom, visitors will be introduced to all relevant cleanroom processes and issues, and key factors will be explained.

In the live demo, visitors will be able to experience first-hand the effect of people in the cleanroom with the help of a UV lamp.

With the additional focus on the cleanroom in operation, all topics (clothing concept, consumables, cleanroom equipment, ...) are presented.

The "Live Demo Cleanroom" is located in hall B2 booth B2.346.