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Premiere for the startup platform at productronica

October 15, 2019

  • Startup area in Hall B2
  • Business network in the Fast Forward Forum
  • Presentation of productronica Fast Forward Award

The number of innovations from new players in the electronics industry grows from year to year. So that startups can improve their chances of entering the market, from November 12–15, “productronica Fast Forward” will introduce innovative ideas, prototypes, and products from young companies to international representatives from a wide range of industries.

After the successful “electronica fast forward” in 2016 and 2018, the platform for electronics startups will, for the first time, feature at this year’s productronica. The innovations range from contactless pick-and-place machines to AI-supported gesture control.

Startup area in Hall B2

About ten startups have submitted their applications for this year’s “productronica Fast Forward” award. Integrated within the Accelerating Talents exhibition area, the startups will show their products at the productronica Fast Forward booth in Hall B2. Each day will also feature pitches, presentations, and workshops from the startup scene at the Fast Forward Forum. An independent jury will assess the individual companies on the basis of the presentations at the booth and at the forum.

Comprehensive start package for award winners

The decision as to which startup will be the first to receive the 2019 “productronica Fast Forward” award will be made on the final day of the fair (Friday, November 15) between 11 a.m. and noon at the fast Forward Forum in Hall B2. The winner will receive a booth at productronica 2021 and a marketing package to the value of EUR 25,000 from Elektor International Media.

The productronica Fast Forward sponsors include the exhibitors Distrelec, Kurtz Ersa, Weller, Almit and Bernstein.

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productronica Fast Forward—Premiere for the startup platform at productronica
Felix Kirschenbauer
Felix Kirschenbauer
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