Drones for Logistics


The content on this page refers to productronica 2021. Up-to-date information will be available here soon.

In the past decade, few new technologies have captivated the public as much as unmanned aerial vehicles - better known as drones. The reason stems from huge advances in electronics and falling costs due to large volumes, fuelled by the commercial success and proliferation of smartphones since the end of the last decade. Whether as aerial support to secure a factory site, to survey a construction site, as an eye in the sky to inspect pipelines and machines, as a transport drone or for inventory recording in the warehouse, which is the case with D-ARIA. Drones can also become an exciting addition to the portfolio of machinery and plant manufacturers or support their own processes.

For this reason, the VDMA founded the working group Industrial Drone Solutions to bundle the economic and industrial aspects of drone technology for the entire industry.

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Which innovations does the D-ARIA system offer?

Data collection by drone is intelligent, automated, safe, effective and, above all, simple. The system allows the quality of existing data to be increased and the error rate and associated costs to be reduced. Indoor drone flight works without GPS and beacons using camera-based navigation. This system can be used in an existing infrastructure without having to make any interventions or changes. Only the warehouse plan and storage space allocations from the inventory management system are required as input.

Unlike a conventional inventory, the D-ARIA data acquisition works with artificial intelligence. The drone captures data and the system accurately indicates misdeposits. The process works independently, in any infrastructure. Only one human observer for the drone is currently still necessary due to regulatory requirements.

The system saves up to 75 percent of the time usually required for data acquisition. The use of the drone as a tool in operational processes has already been tested several times.

You can find more information at D-ARIA.

Which innovations does the D-ARIA system offer?

LIVE DEMO flights at the exhibition:

D-ARIA will show drone flights every 2 hours in a closed-off area in hall B2, stand 450.

Fraunhofer IZM's "Drones for Logistics" workshop series

The Fraunhofer IZM workshop "Drones for Logistics" on 18 November at 10:00 a.m. in the Innovation Forum, hall B2, booth 441, will focus on radar systems for indoor navigation of drones in logistics applications.
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