The Semiconductors cluster: A key element in electronics manufacturing

Projects such as Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) support cross-border cooperation and innovation in semiconductor manufacturing. This not only creates jobs, but also investment funds. Naturally, such an important area of electronics manufacturing cannot be missing at productronica.

Semiconductor manufacturing—What does the market say?

What's up in electronics manufacturing in Europe? International competition has been strong for years, especially on the Asian market. During the 1990s, Europe accounted for a 15-percent share of global production on the market for semiconductor manufacturing. That figure has fallen to less than 10 percent during the last decade (Japan 22%, South Korea 18%, Taiwan 17% and USA 13%). However, together with partners from the business community in Europe, now the EU steering in the other direction: In July 2014, it launched the "Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership" (ECSEL) project, a public-private partnership equipped with 5 billion euros that is supposed to promote the development and manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components in Europe.

The initiative is the heart of the electronics strategy for Europe that is supposed to mobilize 100 billion euros in private investment resources in Europe by 2020 and create 250,000 jobs. ECSEL covers the sectors for embedded computing systems, nanoelectronics/semiconductor manufacturing as well as smart-system integration along with the entire value chain for developing extensive electronic systems.

Besides pilot projects, the technology initiative also supports technological developments in electronic chips as well as cyber-physical and intelligent systems and their integration into application fields such as efficient traffic, improved privacy for individuals and sustainable energy generation. productronica's exhibitors in the Semiconductors cluster will present their latest innovations in these fields.

What sectors does the Semiconductors cluster cover?

  • Semiconductor production
  • Production of displays, LEDs and discrete components
  • Photovoltaics production
  • Micro-/nano-production / MEMS
  • Cleanroom technology
  • Materials processing

Semiconductors cluster: What awaits visitors and exhibitors?

The cluster for semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor technology highlights the importance and significance of the sector in the industry. The scope of this cluster consists of critical core elements of the electronics manufacturing industry, namely: Besides semiconductor manufacturing, display manufacturing, LEDs and discrete components, all topics related to photovoltaics manufacturing, micro-/nano-production as well as materials processing and cleanroom technology are covered by the productronica. That is exciting for both - exhibitors and visitors.

By including the SEMICON Europa, the world's leading trade fair for electronics development and production, will expand its range in the sector for semiconductor manufacturing.

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