Generall questions about the trade fair and the trade fair network

What events are part of the productronica trade-fair network?

productronica in Munich is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production and, therefore, the world's most important industry gathering and innovation platform. productronica including SEMICON depicts the entire value chain in electronics manufacturing on 88,000 square meters of hall space. It has been held in Munich every two years since 1975 and is a key element in the network of electronics trade fairs of Messe München. The network consists of the leading international trade fairs electronica and productronica in Munich as well as regional trade shows in Hong Kong, China and India.

Where and when do productronica exhibitions take place?

You can find an overview of productronica's regional trade fairs here .

What are productronica's opening hours?


Tuesday to Thursday, November 14–16: 09:00–18:00

Friday, November 17: 09:00–16:00


Tuesday to Friday, November 14–17: 08:00–19:00

What is the delivery address for productronica?

Hall and stand number
Am Messesee 2
81829 München

Please make sure that someone who is authorized to accept delivery is available at your stand during the expected time of delivery.

Is there a free WiFi network that I can use at the trade-fair center?

Free WiFi service is available to visitors throughout the trade-fair center and in the halls. You only need to register one time during the entire event. Download volume is limited to 200 MB per user per day. Here you will find additional information about using the visitor WiFi .

Due to the above limitations, we recommend that exhibitors order a LAN connection for their stands.

Is smoking permitted at the trade-fair center?

Generally speaking, smoking is prohibited in the exhibition halls. Please smoke only in designated smoking areas.

Am I allowed to bring my dog onto the exhibition grounds of Messe München?

No, according to Messe München´s house and user rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

Questions about application an application process

How do I apply for the productronica and when is the application deadline?

Companies can use the online registration form for exhibitors at our website to register for productronica 2023. Just log in using your log-in data which you received to register for the Exhibitor Shop of previous productronica. The user name is the e-mail address of the contact person in your company nominated as the one responsible for organizing your participation; the password was then freely chosen by your company.

If you are not registered yet or of the contact person has changed, please register anew. Following the registration, the system will then guide you through the process step-by-step, you save your entry with “Create” and send the application to us with “Submit”. once successfully registered, you are sent an automatic confirmation e-mail with a PDF version of your application.

What should I do if my contact person has changed?

If the contact person has changed, please inform the project team.

Is it possible to set up a subaccount when registering?

No. Subaccounts can only be set up for the exhibitor shop, not for the registration account.

I have applied for productronica but have not received a confirmation email.

If you have not already done so, please check your spam folders first. If you still cannot find the email, please contact management@productronica.com

Is it possible to cancel our application without incurring any costs?

No costs are incurred if the cancellation occurs after the exhibitor submitted the application and before the exhibitor confirms the stand proposal that we send out.

When are fees incurred for a cancellation?

Cancellation fees are incurred if, after confirming the stand proposal in writing, the exhibitor wants to give his stand space back. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.

What are the cancellation fees?

Please find the latest cancellation and withdrawal regulations in the

When will we receive our stand proposal (stand location and stand number)?

You will receive your stand proposal for productronica in May 2023 in the year of the event.

What deadlines do exhibitors have to observe?

We have put together additional information and a list of deadlines in the section “ Dates and Logistics ”.

What exactly are we ordering when we submit our application?

The application applies to stand space only at productronica. It automatically includes the communications fee (mandatory entry in exhibitor directory–online and catalog–as well as the visitor guide, the productronica App, the productronica Matchmaking entry), the AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) fee and the waste disposal fee at the trade-fair center during the fair. When you submit your application, you also agree to make a down payment for any services that you order.

Any services that you need such as stand construction and related furnishings/ equipment (such as partitions, carpeting, electricity) as well as exhibitor passes and advertising materials can be ordered through the Exhibitor Shop . We will automatically inform you as soon as the online order system becomes available.

Questions regarding incurring costs

What other costs are there in addition to the participation fee?

You will find all additional costs on the page Prices stand space as well as in the Special terms of participation B.

What is the AUMA fee?

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) protects the interests of the German trade-fair industry with an extensive range of programs and services. In return, it charges all exhibitors a fee of EUR 0.60 (net) per square meter of rented exhibition space. Messe München invoices exhibitors for this fee and passes it along directly to AUMA. This is a customary practice among organizers of trade fair and exhibitions in Germany. Information about AUMA is available here: www.auma-messen.de

What is the advance payment for services?

A fixed-rate advance payment of EUR 22 (net) per square meter of rented exhibition space is included in the admission invoice for services such as electricity, water and telephone connections. This advance payment does not depend on the existence or size of any order(s) actually placed. After the fair, the advance payment will be applied to the cost of actually ordered services in the final invoice.

What is the mandatory waste-disposal fee for the duration of the fair?

The mandatory waste-disposal fee for the set-up and dismantling as well as the duration of the fair covers the costs of disposing of waste that collects at the exhibitor's stand during the fair itself. This fee is EUR 6.00 per square meter of stand space plus VAT. Waste disposal must comply with the provisions of Section 6.1 of the Technical Guidelines.

What is the mandatory communication fee?

The communication fee of EUR 990 includes the basic entry (1) (online and in the catalog) in the Visitor Guide and in the app as well as one copy of the printed catalog (available at the fair while supplies last).

(1) The basic entry includes the following:

  • Alphabetical exhibitor directory:
    Company name, street, postal code, city, country, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Internet addresses, social media links, hall and stand numbers, teaser text (approx, 150 characters) plus 800 characters company description in German and English.
  • Application directory:
    Two entries with company name, hall and stand numbers
  • Products and services directory:
    Four entries with company name, hall and stand numbers
  • Hall diagram (only exhibitors with their own stand):
    Company name, hall and stand numbers
  • Partizipation in Matchmaking and naming of contact persons (Sales, Marketing, …)

Questions about stand space and additional services

Are exhibition stands smaller than 20 square meters available?

The minimum size of a stand at productronica is 20 square meters. As a rule, smaller stands are not possible due to the grid system in the halls. An exception is the New Exhibitor Package, which has a stand size of 16 square meters. This offer is available to companies exhibiting at productronica for the first time. Additional information about combination packages .

What turnkey stands are available to exhibitors?

There are various turnkey stands to choose from for productronica.

Connect 20 square meters (only available as row stand)

The turnkey stand includes:

Stand setup and dismantling (including stand space), carpeting (color of your choise), stand cleaning, 3 KW electrical connection incl. consumption, lighting (1 spot per 3 square meters of exhibition space), 2 outlets, signboard with max. 15 letters (Helvetica), 1 closet with lockable door and hanger rail, 1 information counter, open with bar stool, 1 table (70 x 70 cm) with 4 chairs, 1 brochure holder, 1 waste basket, 1 press compartment, 2 press releases and photos posted on the Internet, AUMA fee

Column 20–36 square meters (available as row or corner stand)

The turnkey stand includes:

Stand setup and dismantling (including stand space), carpeting (color of your choise), stand cleaning, 3 KW electrical connection incl. consumption, lighting (1 spot per 3 square meters of exhibition space), 2 outlets, 1 closet with lockable door and hanger rail, 1 information counter, open with bar stool, 1 table (70 x 70 cm) with 4 chairs, 1 brochure holder, signboard with max. 15 letters (Helvetica)

Newcomer 16 square meters (only available as row stand)

The turnkey stand includes:

Stand setup and dismantling (including stand space), carpeting (color of your choice), 3 KW electrical connection incl. consumption, lighting, 2 outlets, signboard with max. 15 letters (Helvetica), 1 closet with lockable door and hanger rail, 1 information counter, open with bar stool, 1 table (70 x 70 cm) with 4 chairs, 1 waste basket

What additional services can exhibitors order?

Exhibitors can order a diverse range of additional services, whether you need assistance with stand construction, stand equipment and technical services or things like exhibitor passes, advertising materials or support preparing for the fair, etc. Details are available in our online order system where you can also conveniently order these services online.

How many exhibitor passes do exhibitors receive?

Exhibitors receive a certain contingent of free exhibitor passes for their stand of the duration of the fair.

In the halls

  • up to 16 m² of stand size 2 Print@home-Tickets for exhibitors
  • up to 20 m² of stand size 3 Print@home-Tickets for exhibitors
  • as from 21 m² for every further 20 m² 1 Print@home-Tickets for exhibitors
    or part thereof (in addition)
  • as form 161 m² for every further 20 m² 2 Print@home-Tickets for exhibitors
    or part thereof (in addition)

Additional exhibitor passes are available as of 2023. Each additional pass costs EUR 34. Exhibitor passes are personalized. They are only intended for stand personnel and can be ordered through the Exhibitor-Shop . They may not be passed on to third parties. In the event of unauthorized use, MMI is entitled to confiscate the exhibitor pass.

Please note: Having co-exhibitors/additionally represented companies at your stand does not increase the number of exhibitor passes. Exhibitor passes do NOT entitle the holder to use public transportation services provide by MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association) free of charge.

What are vouchers and online vouchers for one-day tickets?

A voucher or an online voucher for a one-day ticket is a free admission voucher for your customers that you can order in our Exhibitor-Shop . You can use these vouchers for professional invitation and contact management, i.e. as an incentive for your customers to visit your exhibition stand.

Exhibitors have access to an unlimited number of vouchers (online or print) without incurring any costs, even when they are redeemed!

Can co-exhibitors register at our stand? And if so, how can we register them?

Yes, after the online registration of the main exhibitor, the co-exhibitor can make the registration via a separate link, which he receives from the main exhibitor.

All co-exhibitors enjoy the same benefits as main exhibitors, i.e. they are listed as independent exhibitors in the exhibition catalog and the online exhibitor directory .

What support is available to exhibitors as they plan for the fair?

Your success is important to us! The productronica Team would be pleased to advise you and provide any support that you need planning for and participating in the fair.

What is the Exhibitor Shop?

In our Exhibitor Shop , you can conveniently order marketing and various other services online.

You are a main exhibitor and would like to register a co-exhibitor for your booth?

  • Once you have finalized the main exhibitor application, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of the registration request. This e-mail will also contain the individualized registration link that you need to register your co-exhibitors.
  • This registration link is also available in the productronica registration portal. Under “My registrations”, you can view your submitted registrations. Select the “Co-exhibitor” icon under “Actions” to find the link to register your co-exhibitors. Copy this into your browser to complete the registration form.
  • If you have registered as an exhibitor for various events of Messe München, please make sure that you select the productronica registration.
  • If you have registered several stands for productronica, please select the stand for which you want to register the co-exhibitors.

Questions about the stand building

Who can we contact about questions of a technical nature?

If you have questions of a specific technical nature, please contact our Exhibitor Technical Services Team .

Are the exhibitors' own technicians allowed to work in the utility ducts at Messe München?

No. For safety reasons, cables and lines may only be installed by technicians who work for Messe München GmbH or its official service partners.

What are the setup and dismantling times?

Details about setup and dismantling times are available here.

What should I do if there is a disagreement about stand borders?

If there are questions about the borders of your stand, please contact the responsible member of the Exhibitor Technical Services Team . He/she will either solve the dispute directly or have the stand space measured again.

Where can I get information about traffic guidance and logistics during setup/dismantling?

As a rule, our Traffic Guide should answer all of your questions. As soon as it is finalized, you can download it from our website. If you have additional questions, please contact the Traffic and Safety Department.

What do I have to consider when it comes to safety in stand construction?

  • If the following requirements are met, plan approval by Messe München GmbH is not required (see Technical Guidelines, Item 4.2ff)
  • If your stand and advertising heights are less than 3.00 metres, your stand less than 100 square metres and no stand cover is planned, your stand must not to be submitted for approval.

    Stand concepts that deviate from the above specifications must be submitted to Messe München GmbH, TAS Department, for approval (by e-mail, as a pdf file or by mail) no later than six weeks before the official start of stand construction, together with true-to-scale stand design plans (floor plans, elevations and sectional drawings). In addition, multi-storey stands and special constructions (e.g. bridges, stairs, cantilever roofs, galleries etc.) are always subject to approval.

    For outdoor stands we require a structural analysis certificate for all structures/devices above a height of 5 metres.
  • Unsecured loads above persons are not permitted. Loads (e.g. weights) must be non-positively connected in non-combustible material.

What should I keep in mind when it comes to fire protection?

  • Actions involving fire hazards such as fires emitting sparks (fire wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly forbidden on the entire trade-fair grounds.
  • For fire-safety reasons, the use of liquefied petroleum gas (e.g. patio heaters) is prohibited due to the size of the exhibition proximity of the stands. The use of electrical cooking appliances is recommended for the preparation of food.
  • Pyrotechnic effects are prohibited on the entire grounds.
  • The use of compressed gases is only allowed for demonstrating exhibits; the use must be restricted to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If compressed gas is used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Flammable liquids are to be kept to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If flammable liquids are used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Escape and rescue routes must be kept free, both within and outside your own area. Within the stand, lines of sight are required for meeting rooms and lounges. Please also remember in your planning to arrange for corresponding storage and logistics areas for your catering, so as not to block escape and rescue routes within your stand.

What about logistics at the venue? Can we use our own cranes, forklifts or working platforms?

Please note that, for safety reasons, cranes, fork-lift trucks and working platforms may only be used if they are provided by the competent service partners of Messe München GmbH pursuant to our Technical Guidelines No. 5.2. An overview of our contractors is available in our Exhibitor Shop .

Where can I get information about stand security and/or anti-theft protection?

Pursuant to the Technical Guidelines No. 2.5, Messe München GmbH or the security service contracted by it for the exhibition grounds provides guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds. However, we cannot guarantee complete guarding and surveillance of the grounds of the trade-fair center. Exhibitors must arrange for security guards for their stands, exhibition goods and other objects at their stands, if required. Corresponding order forms are available in our Exhibitor Shop . Please keep in mind that exhibits and other objects brought in during setup and dismantling times are at a greater risk.

How to order set-up and dismantling passes?

Please note that each person must order their own pass (unique e-mail address)!

Here you can order set-up and dismantling passes.

Visitor questions

Where can I purchase a visitor ticket?

You may purchase your visitor ticket here as of the summer of 2023.

What are the prices of admission?

Admission prices will be posted here as of the summer of 2023.

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