The SMT cluster: The future of component-mount technology within reach

From component-mount technology, soldering and joining technology for PCBs, test and measurement, quality assurance and product finishing to production subsystems as well as production logistics and material-flow technology.

Component-mount technologies today—What the market says?

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is the core of electronics production. Manufacturing devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. are only possible using SMT and everything that it makes possible, i.e. miniaturization, low manufacturing costs and reduced weight. The increased use of these mobile devices around the world and their enormous computing power has quickly caused dramatic and lasting change in the way that we work and exchange information with one another. That also presents manufacturing and the assembly of small parts in the electronics industry in particular with some big challenges: It is important to constantly adapt to these changes to meet the latest requirements. That only works with modular and adaptable automation. That is why robotics plays an increasingly important role in modern component-mount technology, a development that naturally will also be reflected at productronica.

What sectors does the SMT cluster cover?

  • Test and measurement technology, quality assurance (A1 and A2)
  • Component mount technology (A2 and A3)
  • Production logistics and material-flow technology (A2)
  • Soldering and joining technology for PCBs (A4)
  • Product finishing (A4)

What awaits visitors and exhibitors?

All key players in the SMT industry, from PCB assembly to product finishing, are represented in productronica's SMT cluster. As a result, you get a comprehensive overview of all relevant innovations of German and international exhibitors. At productronica 2019, 574 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors came together in this sector and initiated or actually concluded successful business transactions.

The exhibitor directory contains lists of all exhibitors, products and services.