The Cables, Coils & Hybrids cluster: The foundation of modern civilization

More and more things are becoming wireless, and yet this industry would be unimaginable without technologies from the companies in the Cables, Coils and Hybrids cluster.

Cable manufacturing and coilware today—What the market says?

The trend is toward wireless, and wires and cables are only for simple products? On the contrary: Many of today's achievements such as in the energy sector or when it comes to Internet technology would be unimaginable without wires and cables. Without future-oriented manufacturing solutions for cables and plug connectors, coilware or hybrid components, there would be no energy transition, no electromobility, no high-speed Internet and no interference-free measuring technology. To guarantee trouble-free use in each of these applications, wires and cables must be produced with the highest quality. If wires or cables fail during or after installation, the consequences can be extremely expensive or, worse, even fatal—whether they are used in power plants or airplanes. To consistently ensure first-rate quality, one must exercise extreme care when selecting materials just as much as when manufacturing and processing wires and cables. That is what the companies in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids cluster stand for.

What sectors does the Cables, Coils & Hybrids Cluster cover?

  • Cable manufacturing
  • Production technologies for connectors
  • Coilware production
  • Hybrid component manufacturing

What awaits visitors and exhibitors in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids cluster?

The sector for cable manufacturing and coiled products has been a popular highlight at each productronica for a long time.

Interconnection technology is also closely related to cable technology. For example, replacing expensive copper with aluminum in the automotive sector also makes it necessary to adapt the crimping technology for the plug connectors. Processing new materials such as multi-mode fiber optics or superconductors are just two examples of new and exciting topics that visitors can look forward to this year.

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