Rezept gegen Versorgungsengpässe und Abkündigungen

14.11.2023 at 14:30 - 15:00

PCB & EMS Marketplace

Language: German

Type: Lecture

Lecture Description

The best recipes can be undone by using underwhelming ingredients. The converse is also true. The best ingredients are left wanting when there is no recipe to bring them together 
EMS providers and OEM customers need to actively exchange information to provide a solution for proactive obsolescence management that is appetizing to all parties. To do this, diverse high-quality data streams should flow as they converge in a digital process.

- "Cookbook":Obsolescence and how to deal with it
- "Ingredients": Requirements and data
- "Cooks": Supply chain and management requirements
- "Kitchen": How to bring everything together (in an automated way)
- "Taste": Beyond obsolescence, the goal is: availability