Special shows

Special shows at productronica

The special shows 2017 have brought the electronics production to life.

Please notice that all information below refer to productronica 2017. The program for productronica 2019 will be available here as of September 2019.

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Special show “Smart Data – Future Manufacturing”


Data plays an essential role in more and more areas of our lives. Whether it comes to early monitoring of street traffic or advertising at websites that is tailored directly to us—collecting and analyzing data in grand fashion à la Google & Co. now accompany us in nearly every aspect of our lives. This topic is also increasing in significance in electronics manufacturing. Process optimization, productivity and quality are buzzwords that industry professionals are throwing around here. But for realization, you need hardware as well as software that can recognize patterns and draw conclusions based on enormous quantities of recorded data. Smart Data – Future Manufacturing is a special show for visitors that presents and explains the topics of data collection, data processing and new business models.

Sensors are the "sensory organs" of machines and systems. They have been used to monitor processes for decades. Whether it comes to temperature, pressure or vibration sensors, manufacturing machines now have hundreds of sensors that constantly record data. But where does this flood of data go? Which data helps to optimize processes? The only way to recognize patterns and influence processes in real time is with long-term storage and constant availability in a cloud and the use of algorithms to process the data. Whether it comes to predictive maintenance, predictive quality or condition monitoring, the possibilities are diverse and make it possible to develop new business models.

Smart Data – Future Manufacturing is a special show that is being organized by productronica and VDMA Productronic.

Location: Hall B2, Stand 361

Special “Hardware Data Mining” event

Logo mycleanroom

“Viva la Revolución!” This is the cry from many quarters in the current age of Industry 4.0 and IoT. Everything is better, faster, and above all more efficient with the tools that are available to us in the above areas, in every single area of production, and in everyday life too.

The special “Hardware Data Mining” event will use examples from modern assembly production to demonstrate to users, process engineers, machine operators, and interested parties the impact that integrating various sensors and actuators into production machinery has on processes and technologies.

The virtual learning course will focus on the following questions:

  • How exactly does this data collection take place?
  • At what points is this recorded?
  • How is data robustness reflected along the value chain?
  • What steps are taken to ensure that the data is equivalent to actual process parameters?

Location: Hall B2, Stand 235

Special show „cleanroom“

Logo mycleanroom

High-tech products place high demands on manufacturing conditions, and the cleanroom plays a key role in that process. The “cleanroom” shows how people are keeping things clean there.

Wherever a particle is considered dirt, cleanrooms can't be far away. For quite some time now, they have been keeping the smallest particles in the air at process-critical locations from causing considerable damage. However, in the meantime components have shrunk to structure sizes so small that even molecular contamination is dangerous. The semiconductor industry in particular has been struggling increasingly with this problem. For example, outgassing of plastics can cause considerable contamination on the product surface and have a negative influence on product quality.

Besides cleanroom technology in general, the mycleanroom.de agency will devote part of the special show to the sectors for AMC (airborne molecular contamination) and EUVL (extreme UV lithography). Nearly all customers in microtechnology deal with topics such as filtration and metrology.

A training module known as the intelligent lock is a new attraction at the fair. A modular cleanroom from mfk will be equipped with cleanroom furniture of the company KEK. Virtual reality makes it possible for visitors to enter the cleanroom. Interactive instructions tell them how to put on clothing in the right order and how to wash and disinfect their hands correctly. The imaginary “door” to the cleanroom only opens for those who observe all the guidelines.

Among other things, there will also be presentations and interactive live sessions on the following topics:

  • Shop your individual cleanroom
  • Building cleanrooms
  • Cleaning agents for cleanrooms
  • Filtration
  • Air-conditioning technology
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Complete cleanroom supplies
  • Contamination control zones
  • Training
  • Cleaning of cleanrooms

Location: Hall B2, Stand 441

Special show “IPC Hand Soldering Competition”

Logo IPC

Once again IPC will be holding the European regional hand soldering competition at productronica 2017, from November 14–16, 2017. As an added feature the IPC HSC World Championship will be held on Friday morning, November 17. Along with the regional European productronica winner, representatives from Russia, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Germany and Asia will be competing for the World Championship. The regional competition will challenge the industry professionals to complete a functional assembly within 60 minutes, meeting IPC-A-610F Class 3 criteria. The speed and functionality of the assembly will be judged by IPC-A-610 Master Instructors.

Cash prizes will be presented to the winner and two runners-up for the regional European competition. The winner will then compete on Friday, November 17 for the IPC HSC World Championship.

Location: Hall A1, Stand 307

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