Industry 4.0: An opportunity for electronics manufacturing

Industry 4.0 showcase at IT2Industry

Networking companies, people, processes, data and objects is a central aspect of Industry 4.0. During the next few years, it is also expected to cause fundamental changes in production, manufacturing and automation, similar to those already seen in consumer electronics, the media industry or the retail trade since commercialization of the Internet at the end of the 20th century.

The fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner. After the steam engine, the assembly line and electronics, now we can look forward to the intelligent networking of all components that are relevant to production. Companies expect a quantum leap in productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

Secure tomorrow's competitive advantages today

The concept of Industry 4.0 originated in Germany. It gives the working world entirely new business models and prospects. The smart factory of the future will organize and constantly optimize its production processes on its own.

The more that network-based functions are used in production, the more important it will be to provide reliable network access in every situation and to guarantee the best possible physical security. When it comes to selecting norms and standards, companies are offering best practice examples and services within the scope of IT2Industry.

Industry 4.0 at productronica

The products and services that are presented at IT2Industry as part of the leading international trade fair productronica constitute a link between classic manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution.

This is where companies demonstrate how decentralized control loops can be integrated into production. This makes it possible for data that is generated in the production world in real time to be processed by Internet-based services and used for control processes.

Exciting presentations and discussions with international experts await you in IT2Industry's first-rate supporting program.

Optimize your production with cloud computing and big data

The industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 can only be optimally implemented if manufacturing and production are able to react flexibly to individual customer requirements. In this context, the spectrum of IT2Industry ranges among other things from cloud computing to big data and analytics, software engineering and security solutions.

Data analysis helps companies predict potential malfunctions of machine parts in advance with greater precision than ever. As a result, everyone involved can react to changes early. Companies at IT2Industry will demonstrate how intelligent production planning makes it possible to further optimize the capacity utilization of manufacturing facilities. That cuts costs and conserves resources such as energy.

Rely on unlimited communication

Comprehensive networking facilitates coordination between workpieces and machines, between various production plants and machinery (machine to machine) and between employees and machines (human-robot collaboration). Most elements work with their own PI address. The system is adaptable and optimizes itself.

Manufacturing individual products

The vision of intelligent value chains that link all phases of a product's lifecycle takes things one step further. All product phases—from the idea to development, production, use, maintenance and recycling—are intertwined. Being networked in this manner will allow you to also produce individual products to customers' specifications more easily in the future.

Profit from human creativity

What will your human employees do in this scenario? Relieved of routine tasks, they can devote themselves to more creative endeavors. After all, human beings are unique when it comes to judgment, creativity and the ability to handle things with tact and sensitivity. These human strengths will also—and especially—be needed in the factory of the future.

The international industry gathering productronica

The next IT2Industry@productronica takes place at the Messe München trade-fair center from November 14–17, 2017. A single ticket allows you to attend and profit from both shows. Additional information will be available here in the autumn of 2016.

Hall assignment in 2017

Fairgrounds map ITIT2Industry@productronica 2017 zoom Fairgrounds map ITIT2Industry@productronica 2017

IT2Industry 2017 will be located near productronica's “Semiconductors” and "Future Markets" cluster in Hall B2.

Productronica will occupy the following halls in 2017: A1–A5 and B1–B3.

Also in Hall B1: Semicon Europe, November 14–17, 2017

Also in Hall A6: InPrint 2017, November 14–16, 2017

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