When your computer hurts your vision

With constant VDU work, your eyes suffer from lack of movement. Experts advise preventive measures so that they don’t become diseased.

Constant, focused staring at a monitor. Made worse with the dry air in an air conditioned office. These are particularly bad conditions for your eyes. Your eyes are designed to look around, focus on near and distant objects, and to compensate for different light conditions. With VDU work, your eyes suffer from lack of movement And there’s another problem. When you stare at a monitor, your brain forgets to make your eyes blink, which normally moistens your eyeball and clears it of tiny dust particles.

Office eye syndrome is very common

All in all, these conditions can trigger what is known as office eye syndrome. Your eyes feel tired, are red and burn. Many sufferers constantly feel that there is a foreign object in their eye, and their dry eyes react to this with excess tears and by oozing sticky secretions. The irritated eye is more prone to inflammation. The German Ophthalmologist Association warns against ignoring the symptoms. Dry eyes are a serious illness. More than 15 percent of the population are affected by the syndrome, which is classified as a widespread disease.

Relaxation for the eyes—what to do

As a precaution, experts urgently recommend that you take regular breaks from computer work—ideally at an open window, to let fresh air blow through your eyes while you stare into the distance. Humidity and lighting conditions in the office also make a difference. Humidifiers and regular airing are advisable, as well as a mixture of ceiling and desk lighting. Light reflections in the screen must be prevented. In rooms with windows, desks should be at right angles to the windows. Further recommendations: Use large monitors that should be placed at a distance of 50 to 80 cm from your eyes.

If the symptoms of office eye syndrome are already present, see an ophthalmologist. Often, the use of ocular lubricant is enough, but it is important to find out whether you have an eye inflammation that requires treatment.

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