The 4 creativity boosters

Creativity is the ability to see familiar things in a new light. Read on to find out how you can bring about this process yourself.

1. Relaxing
In this case, relaxation means above all not concentrating. Let your thoughts flow freely. Make yourself comfortable, go for a walk or occupy yourself with something you enjoy doing and which doesn't demand anything of you.

2. Addressing the problem
For this step, you should be undisturbed wherever possible. Here, you prepare all the data and arguments that you need to deal with the problem and identify any doubts, incompatibilities or contradictions associated with various possible solutions. You should look upon this step as a data collection process.

3. Occupying your senses
Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and feeling—give in to your sense of perception. Most importantly, avoid concentrating for long periods of time.

4. Interruptions
Distraction can actually be helpful, provided that it doesn't lead to stress. You must ensure a minimum level of relaxation. Your PC says you have a new e-mail while the telephone starts ringing and someone knocks on your office door? Not a problem, as long as you remain calm. And if you cannot remain calm, you can also interrupt the process. As soon as the time is right, think things over again, relax and carry on where you left off. But make sure that you carry on—don't start again from scratch!

Wolfgang Traub

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