The 3 worst enemies of project management

Classic project management often leads to delays, budgets being exceeded and reductions in content. Read on to find out which three effects in particular have a negative influence on project performance.

1st enemy: Procrastination
The tendency to put off doing things until the last minute becomes a real problem if a project is made up of a number of parts and each part has extra time set aside for it to be on the safe side. If a member of the project starts a job at the very last moment, any extra time will have been used up before the work has even begun. If there are then unexpected delays, these will immediately lead to the delivery deadline for the project being pushed back.

2nd enemy: Multitasking
Multitasking is the biggest threat in a project environment. If someone becomes exhausted and falls ill as a result of multitasking, they clearly weren't suitable for the job. A new employee then takes over...until they suffer the same fate. However, multitasking has a negative effect on the work itself. Anyone who switches between a number of tasks makes more mistakes and requires more working time for each task (owing to setup times and correcting errors).

3rd enemy: Process chains
There is no avoiding the fact that individual processes in projects depend on each other. However, these dependencies lead to delays being passed on and any time saved being lost. This can happen owing to procrastination or because of “Parkinson’s Law,” where work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Whether this time is used to have another coffee or to add a few unnecessary touches to a product—in the end, the time set aside is completely used up.

Uwe Techt

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