The 2 gravediggers of your charisma

There is an association between charisma and success in life. Read on to find out what kills your positive appearance.

1. Charisma doesn't work without other people!
Charisma always depends on perception by others; it is sometimes referred to as an attribution phenomenon. This means that a person is only ever charismatic in the eye of the beholder. Charisma is not an objective attribute such as a person's weight or the color of their hair. Charisma is a “seal of quality” that is awarded by others. It is a pledge of trust, a promise which people expect to be kept.

2. We're never admired by everyone!
This is where many people fail when they try to display their unique charisma. They want to appeal to everyone and thus miss out on the opportunity to score points through being unique. Having charisma means standing out from the crowd. It means polarizing people and giving up trying to be “everybody’s darling.” After all, this unfortunately causes us to bend over backwards just to please others. Accepting that not everyone needs to like us is the first big step—a step that requires courage. The courage needed to be different—and to shine!

Dr. Claudia E. Enkelmann

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