Preventing burnout on a daily basis

Stress costs money. Try saving money and avoiding stress with five simple exercises.

1. Just do NOTHING for five minutes. If you find it difficult to wind down because your thoughts or the phone won't give you a moment's rest,

2. Try five thoughts on you or your employees that show your appreciation. Make a note of what you were pleased with today, what you can look at with satisfaction or what you enjoyed about an employee.

3. Or take five deep breaths to settle your mind, relax your muscles and change your perception of things.

4. The five mindfulness trainings: Which five beautiful and fulfilling moments come to mind today? Inhale for a count of five, then take a break for a count of five, exhale for a count of five, then take a break for a count of five. Which needs were fulfilled today? And which weren't?

5. Take a look at your diary: Do you have at least five hours of free time a week? Sacred time during which you can do what is important to you and you find satisfying.

Karin Probst

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