How to ruin any team!

Teamwork is an excellent topic for an “anti-guide”. Read on to find out what is guaranteed to lead to failure.

1. Focus clearly on the problem. If the team is unable to do something, identify who is at fault and reprimand them. Do not make the mistake of looking for solutions.

2. Ensure that there is rivalry between team members and establish a pecking order. Rivalry stimulates business and only the best win through. As a result, the team focuses primarily on itself and will not get silly ideas.

3. Ensure homogeneity within the team. People of different character and with different skills only hinder each other. Although homogeneity can lead to boredom, it prevents unnecessary conflicts.

4. Avoid face to face contact. Encourage your team members to communicate only via digital media. You too should avoid direct conversations.

5. Leave the team alone. Contact with the outside world distracts people when they are working. Ensure that not too much about the team's work becomes known outside. A good team always manages somehow.

6. Career comes first. Encourage your staff to think only about their career. If each person thinks only about themselves, then everyone is taken into account. Make clear to your staff that knowledge is power. Sharing information would therefore be an unwise move.

7. Create “convenient harmonists”. If the rivalry principle is not your thing, try the “softly-softly” method. Conflicts cause disruptions and need to be prevented. This is good for your external image too.

8. Ensure consistency. Never change structures or processes. This only creates unrest within the team. And things always worked to date. More or less.

Dr. Constantin Sander

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