Five power poses for greater self-confidence

The right posture can improve your self-confidence. Read on to find out how you too can use this technique originally developed for actors.

Power pose 1: Wonder Woman
Place your legs shoulder width apart and rest your hands on your hips. Push out your chest, move your chin forwards and tilt it slightly upwards. Breathe in deeply and imagine you can literally rip up trees. And yes, men too can adopt the Wonder Woman pose.

Power pose 2: On the boss's chair
Lean back on a chair and fold your arms (behind your head if you like). Place your feet comfortably on the corner of a desk. This Power Pose is not recommended during interviews etc. But it is perfect before an important telephone call in your office!

Power pose 3: The marathon winner
Throw your arms up, push out your chest and look up. Tense your muscles as if you had just crossed the finishing line and won the race. Feel free to shout “Yes!” and celebrate or grin like crazy!

Power pose 4: The managing director
Place both your hands on a desk slightly more than shoulder width apart. With your arms stretched out and keeping your head straight, look forwards. When doing so, tell yourself that you are the decision maker, that everything you want to happen will happen and that no one in the room would dare to contradict you.

Power pose 5: The casual type
Sit on a chair and use the backrest of the neighboring chair to support your arm so you can sit comfortably and see everything around you. Enjoy the pose as if it were completely normal.

Jens Korz

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