First aid for feedback victims

Do you need first aid after being the victim of feedback? Read on to find out how you can defend yourself against a serious attack on your self-esteem.

1. Leave the scene of the feedback quickly and try to calm down elsewhere.

2. Make an "emergency call" to discuss the feedback with someone you trust. If you suddenly feel very introverted, you can modify this step accordingly.

3. Take immediate action to maintain your self-esteem. This has absolute priority! Discuss things with someone or ponder the situation on your own. Put the feedback into perspective.

4. Use tried and tested methods to combat the shock: an alcohol-free beer with friends or sport can quickly help the situation.

5. Relax (for example in a comfortable horizontal position). You can only think rationally when you are relaxed.

6. And joking aside, feedback victims occasionally require or benefit from coaching in order to get them back on track.

Chris Wolf

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