Failure for superiors—5 tips

Failing is easier than you think. There are many examples of it. Read about how even you are sure to run out of steam sometime.

1. Do it all yourself!
Why waste your time explaining to others what you want them to do? You could have done it all yourself in the same amount of time. Plus, you don't have to say thank you, and all the praise is yours.

2. Ignore the rules, do it in your autocratic way!
Rules are really only there for others. Even better, you should be able to decide when to suspend the rules for others too. That's a great way to reward friends and annoy disagreeable contemporaries. And it will make you unpredictable—a huge advantage for supervisors.

3. Explain to your fellow men the purpose of their existence.
Where would we be if everyone knew what was right for them? Then people would be tempted to follow the idea, with real dedication. Some motivation that would be. And motivated employees would reduce your workload. That's something you really don't want, since it would prevent your failure, or at least make it harder.

4. No questions, just announcements!
If you need to ask, you obviously don't know enough. So it's better not to ask questions, after all, you're infallible. Demonstrate your authority by prescribing solutions and explaining down to the last detail how the work is to be done.

5. Don't hold back. Give more than 100 percent.
Nothing is perfect—there's always room for improvement. Make the unattainable the goal of your actions—then failure is guaranteed. Don't limit yourself to getting perfect results, just be perfect yourself. Make perfectionism your way of life.

Dr. Stefan Fourier

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