E-recruiting—a major trend

According to a recent Fraunhofer study, companies prefer to use online job portals, social networks and apps as a way of finding suitable applicants.

For the E-Recruiting Study, the team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and the University of Bayreuth surveyed almost 1,000 personnel managers. Their answers reveal a clear picture: 84 percent place adverts on online job portals, three quarters use social networks and more than half use other region, sector and group-specific web portals. Personnel departments therefore use a wide range of channels which have one thing in common: they are all digital.

E-recruiting is convenient for both sides—and offers additional benefits
There are reasons why companies prefer to recruit digitally: applicants can look for jobs at any time and more specifically than ever using smartphones or PCs and, if they are interested, they can easily contact personnel managers. This saves time and effort on both sides. Companies can also choose whether they would like to address a national target group or look for specialists systematically on social media platforms such as XING and LinkedIn. Indeed, social media and apps such as truffls are playing an increasingly important role. Over a period of 12 months, the number of job adverts on XING increased 90-fold to over a million. And according to truffls, over 30,000 companies already use the app.

Recruiters see additional benefits through advertising jobs digitally. In addition to “top-quality applications” and large numbers of applications, it also helps to strengthen employer brands. The online procedure also offers interesting insights into the number of clicks and the user behavior of potential applicants. Many of those questioned would like to see online job portals and platforms improved to include chat and feedback functions which would not only allow companies to interact easily with interested persons and gain in-depth insights into their user behavior but would also help to reduce applicants’ inhibitions. Accordingly, “one-click applications” and spontaneous brief applications are very popular with companies.

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