Body language can ruin your chances of success

The way your dialog partner perceives you depends a lot on your body language. Therefore, don't be a “nobody” and avoid the worst mistakes.

1. No eye contact
Shyness, ignorance or nervousness are the three main reasons for avoiding eye contact. No matter what the reason: You must pay full attention to the person you are communicating with.

2. Raised eyebrows
Raised eyebrows and wide eyes are often statements with which people emphasize particularly important aspects. If used too often, they give the impression that the speaker believes every one of his or her statements is an unbeatable argument. “Exaggerated body language” such as this soon becomes implausible and indicates that you are not very self-critical or that you are simply “blowing smoke”.

3. Wrong gestures
You shouldn't gesture too much or too little. Hands are especially important when it comes to getting a message across. They can make the speaker seem more congenial, competent, or credible. If you don't use gestures, you are leaving a lot of potential unused.

4. Pointing
Pointing has nothing positive about it in terms of body language. In most cases, it is intended as a warning, a command or a threat or it shows that you think you know better.

5. Too much corroboration
It is tedious sitting opposite someone who nods their head the whole time. If the nodding is accompanied by constant “yes, um-um, yes, yes”, you quickly get the impression that the person simply can't wait to get a word in or that they want to get the conversation over and done with as quickly as possible.

6. Not smiling enough
Smiling helps make you likable and gives an impression of competence. Even raising corners of your mouth has a positive effect: If you smile at a grumpy, serious-looking person, for the sake of politeness, they at least have to smile back. The first signal of positive contact.

Jan Sentürk

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