7 ways to achieve the ideal stress level

Too much stress is unpleasant, too little also. Read how to achieve just the right level while sitting at your desk.

1. Clear your mind
Each day, take 5 minutes and write down everything (!) that's rattling around in your mind on a sheet of paper. You'll soon see how clear your head becomes.

2. One thing at a time
Your brain needs a clear operating plan so that you can fully dedicate yourself to the matter at hand. Create a cross-off list of tasks arranged according to priorities and cross them off one by one. You can also change the list if the situation changes at short notice.

3. Cleanliness is next to godliness
Tidy up more often. People like simple, clear images and situations. An untidy desk unconsciously triggers stress due to the “lack of clarity”. Your brain has to use a lot of energy to recalculate the chaos and the lurking “working risks”.

4. Siesta
During a working day, we often become tired. Usually we just carry on working or concern ourselves with mundane tasks. Tip: Take a break and ask yourself whether, ultimately, you would work faster with or without a break? That prevents your subconsciousness mind from forcing you to reach a goal.

5. Have a cool drink
During unpleasant stress phases, you can calm your nervous system easily by drinking 0.5 to 0.7 liters of water. As with eating, the parasympathetic nervous system prepares your stomach for digestion. At the same time, the “relaxation nerve” of our autonomic nervous system is also responsible for calming us.

6. Stress helps beat boredom
If the task you are carrying out bores you, increase the speed until you are immersed in the work. Alternatively, a cup of strong coffee can increase the stress level in a “pleasant” direction.

7. Hold your breath
If there are too many thoughts buzzing around your head, hold your breath for a moment. Try to breathe as slowly as possible. You'll soon feel calmer.

Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern

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