7 beauty tips for employers

The most attractive companies get the best specialists. Read on to find out how to become a desirable employer.

1. Be honest about your company
What really makes you unique as an employer? Ask your staff and colleagues too. And avoid typical platitudes such as "We're a young, dynamic team with great offices in a central location" if you're really based in a back yard on an industrial estate. The way in which you deal with your own mistakes also says a lot about your corporate culture.

2. Encourage your employees
Give feedback – continuously, clearly and personally. Share their ideas, visions and, ideally, their responsibility. You'll achieve your goals much earlier on if your employees follow the same course as your allies and actually work with you. The most attractive employers are also the ones who help their staff make sense of things. After all, those who see the sense in their work and recognize their contribution to overall success are not only more willing to work but actually work better too.

3. Give praise
People still underestimate what a few words of recognition can achieve. As the recruiting "foreign minister", you make your employees ambassadors for your brand as an employer – whether it be in social media, on rating platforms or at the bar in the evening. You can also reward good work creatively, for example with memorable experiences!

4. Lecture people
Not in the know-all sense of course! Instead, give your employees the chance to learn and become better. This is exciting particularly for those members of staff you would most like to have in your team – innovative, creative colleagues who are willing to do more than just stick to their job description.

5. Remember the little things
Naturally, your employees also go to work every morning because their rent is due at the end of the month. However, money alone cannot buy happiness. Often, it's the little things that count: childcare allowances, the weekly bowl of fruit, the company discount for the fitness studio or the job ticket.

6. Deal with what needs to be dealt with
Even in cooperative working environments, clear processes help to guide people. Not having to think about who's responsible for something or unspoken rules will enable you to concentrate on your actual duties.

7. Be colorful
Encourage diversity. Not just because of the lack of qualified personnel but also because mixed, varied teams are the ideal breeding ground for creativity and a wide range of experiences.

Lucia Falkenberg,
New Work im eco – Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e. V

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