6 ways to escape from the perfectionism trap

In terms of changes and new ideas, exactness can actually be counterproductive. Read how you can turn small insignificant things into something great.

  • Set clear objectives. What is the issue? If the objective is accuracy or highest quality then perfection in performance is important – otherwise not.
  • Clarify the essentials. What exactly is the issue? In this way, you create a content framework for your tasks.
  • Set yourself a clear timeframe to perform your tasks and stick to it. That forces you to focus on the essentials.
  • Anticipate the result in your mind. What exactly does the goal look like when you have reached it? What has changed for you? The more exact your objective is, the less likely you are to take the wrong path or become lost in detail.
  • Think about the step after the next one. What's next? This creates a lasting impression in terms of your attempts to reach your goal and you can look further ahead.
  • Think of the KISS principle (keep it short and simple). Keep things as simple as possible – also as regards communication. The people who take part in my seminars are always amazed that as a manager one can give appreciative, clear, critical feedback within three minutes.

Dr. Constantin Sander

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