6 risky meals at a business lunch

Business meals are a good opportunity to make a bad impression. But that needn't be the case. Read how to avoid the worst lunch traps.

1. The classic: Spaghetti
Red sauce on a white shirt never looks good. Nor does the red rim around the lips. Solving the problem by cutting it up makes it look like a kid's meal.

Go for tortellini or penne instead.

2. Another classic: Half a chicken
Even if the customer's canteen is well-known for its crispy half a chicken: hands off, literally!

Go for the chicken breast fillet instead. You can eat it with a knife and fork without leaving traces of fat on your chin.

3. Whole fish
Even if you're an expert at filleting fish, you're better off not ordering a whole fish. Your gaze will be permanently fixed on your plate. And since you will doubtless want to enjoy a bit of small talk with your business partner, eye contact would be a good thing.

Order the fish fillet instead. Make sure to ask the waiter for it specifically when you order. Or order salmon - without any bones.

4. Burger
Either eat the burger with a knife and fork or, better still, abstain completely. Eating with your hands means sauce running down your fingers, meat spilling out the other side and, in the worst-case scenario, ketchup dripping onto your pants. That really needn't be the case.

If it has to be fast food, then you're better off with a curry sausage cut into bite-sized chunks.

5. Green salad
It may well be healthy, but it does have its pitfalls. Firstly, the dressing does have a tendency to splash onto a shirt or blouse when the salad is being cut up into bite-sized portions. Secondly, bits of salad often get stuck between the teeth and need to be retrieved with the tongue. Avoid rocket salad.

A better choice is bulgur salad or tomatoes with mozzarella

6. At a Japanese restaurant
Although sushi is a pleasant light dish to opt for at lunchtime, it's always rather awkward to eat. Biting off a piece is difficult since the rice tends to fall into the soy sauce. And eating it whole definitely doesn't look good. Avoid Nigiri, which consists of fish or seafood on top of pressed rice.

Maki sushi is a better choice. These are rolls wrapped in seaweed to hold the rice together securely.

Anke Quittschau & Christina Tabernig

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