5 Tips to create high-performing teams

A survey conducted by Robert Half revealed that nearly half of all managers do not have a high-performing team. Find out how you can build and manage high-performing teams.

1. Establish a positive culture. A positive, open and transparent work environment is essential to delivering results and retaining top talent. Communication is key. Talking openly about the company’s vision and strategy and empowering employees will give them ownership over where the company’s going and how they’ll help it get there.

2. Embrace diversity. Promoting a diverse environment, where individual backgrounds and viewpoints can contribute to the wider business discussion will help provide more balanced decision-making and an inclusive workplace. Play to individual strengths and adapt your leadership style accordingly.

3. Define roles and responsibilities. Just as every footballer is given a specific position on the football pitch, each team member should understand exactly how their role contributes to the wider business objectives.

4. Set goals and objectives. Working as a team to set goals and revisiting them on a regular basis will help build teamwork while reinforcing the team’s commitment to the business. Define milestones and celebrate successes when goals are achieved.

5. Lead by example. Involve, motivate and engage team members. A good coach lives the company’s core vision and values, setting a benchmark for others to follow. Leaders take responsibility for their actions, setting high standards forthemselves and those around them.

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