5 steps for more effective delegation

One of the most important tasks as a manager is to make other people take on jobs successfully. Read on to find out what the steps of successful delegation are.

1. One-to-one meeting—Defining tasks
Have a face-to-face conversation with your employees. Make sure they understand exactly what they have to do. The results are to be clearly defined and measurable. Explain what the job is, why they have to take it on and how it should be done.

2. Set up dates
Define clear deadlines. Agree with your employees on realistic but rather short deadlines. These can be extended while it is generally more difficult to shorten longer deadlines. Clarify when you should meet to discuss goals. Make a written note of the deadlines.

3. Clarify resources
Find out what resources your employees require. And think about delegating the power of control of the required means.

4. Hand over tasks—no rework
Hand over complete control of the task and don't get involved anymore. If your employees come and ask for help, you can just make a suggestion. Try it out! Or find a contact person they can appeal to.

5. Report on progress
Agree upon how often your employees should make progress reports and in what form. These reports will help you follow the progress of the project or tasks you have delegated. And the employees also know that they are on the right path when you approve their report.

Dr. Matthias K. Hettl

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