5 facial expressions that give you away

Facial expressions mirror our thoughts and intentions. Read on to learn the hidden messages being conveyed by the person talking to you.

1. Tongue games
In situations in which we are unsure or angry, like gorillas, humans too tend to hold their tongue briefly between their teeth so that the tip sticks out. This probably means that your counterpart does not share your opinion but does not want to say so either at all or yet.

2. Pursed lips
Anyone whose lips are constantly pressed tightly together like the former US President George W. Bush has a problem. Tension in the lip and jaw area is a clear sign of strain, generally nervousness or strong emotion. Occasionally however it also indicates intense intellectual activity and can be a sign that something completely new has just occurred to your counterpart or that they have changed their mind.

3. Turning the head
Anyone who suddenly turns their head to the side and looks away is most likely no longer sure of their subject matter or has a completely different opinion from you. Young children turn their heads away when they feel uncomfortable around officious adults; managers do it too, and for exactly the same reasons.

4. Hand in front of the mouth
The other person has known for some time what they want to say and is waiting impatiently to say it. In actual fact, they have already formed their opinion and have not really been listening for a while now.

6. Holding the nose
Before an animal eats, it sniffs at its food. Anyone who holds their nose whilst listening is critical and is looking to be convinced.

Tim Cole

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