4 tips for better communication with your boss

What you say is not always what your boss gets to hear. Read how you can ensure that they are very likely to understand what you mean.

1. Communicate as openly as possible and without hidden or double meanings.
Say what you think and do not expect your boss to read between the lines for your actual message.

2. Tell your boss what you want from them.
Example: “Next time, I would appreciate it if you could let me know earlier. This will enable me to plan my work accordingly.”

3. Be objective when speaking to your boss about your feelings, avoiding reproaches and generalizations.

Example: “It annoys me that I now have to work longer because of this matter.” (It is unlikely that you always have to do overtime simply because your boss is so badly organized. This is an example of generalizations and reproaches.)

4. Clarify the matter, if you have the impression that your boss has misunderstood you.
Ask them what they have understood.

Friedemann Schulz von Thun


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