4 no-gos when it comes to professional communication

Internal office communication can fail for a variety of reasons which can all be overcome quite easily. Read on to find out what you should and shouldn't do.

1. NO-GO: Biting your tongue and persevering.
TO DO: Say straight away what the problem is. Reflecting or clarifying things from an everyday perspective is a fundamental requirement here. This is the only way to change course, bring things out into the open and stop taking things personally etc. Even if a problem is not yet fully resolved, it's always better and healthier to talk and clarify things than to maintain silence for weeks and think negative thoughts.

2. NO-GO: Not communicating on equal terms.
TO DOS: Respect the person you're talking to. Adopt the following attitude when entering into a conversation: “I'd like to understand the other person and them to understand me.” You don't need to agree with what the other person does, says or decides. “Wanting to understand” certainly doesn't mean “being in agreement”. This important difference can help to defuse many heated discussions. Listening and asking questions are two essential skills here.

3. NO-GO: Breaking off a conversation without clarifying the situation later on.
TO DO: If your feelings get out of control and you suddenly leave the room to avoid saying something you might regret, this is better than letting everything out unfiltered. Take your time and regain a sense of clarity. Later on, go back to the person you were speaking to in order to discuss what is important to you and what he/she needs.

4. NO-GO: Communicating via telephone, e-mail, SMS or Whats app although face to face would easily be possible.
TO DO: Set aside time for a coffee together or a face to face meeting—maintaining a relationship is the best way to ensure successful communication.

Angela Dietz

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