3 tips to improve your memory

In business life, forgetting names can be a real problem. You should therefore train your “hippocampus”, the gatekeeper for long-term memory.

1. Positive programming
Before you meet someone you don't know, speak to your brain. This prepares your brain's hippocampus to let information through. That could sound a bit like this: “Dear Hippocampus, I know you do great things. You assess the overall situation and the gestures and expressions of the person I'm speaking to. I can understand that remembering the name isn't crucial for you at the moment. But it is for me. So please let the name through!” It may sound strange at first, but it really is helpful.

2. Repeating helps
Repeat the name as soon as you hear it: “Ah, Mr. Jones, how nice to see you again here!"” Anyone who repeatedly mentions a person's name a reasonable number of times not only scores points with that person but also helps their brain. Every hippocampus is willing to let information through into long-term memory if it hears it lots of times.

3. Use emotions
If the name of the person you're speaking to is unusual or triggers a specific reaction (“He has the same name as the trainer of Man. United!”), mention that straight away. This will trigger positive emotions in the person you're speaking to and the name will also remain in your memory longer because you associate it with a story and thus emotions.

Oliver Schumacher

Jula Hayn

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