3 reasons for a bad atmosphere in companies

Not all employees are demotivated for the same reasons. Read on to find out how specific measures can help to ensure a good atmosphere in the workplace.

1. Employees who are willing to take on responsibility come up against systemic limits.
Separating the wheat from the chaff is important here. Many new employees claim that they need more freedom than is good for them and react negatively if their superior interferes. In reality, however, taking on genuine responsibility is very different.

2. Employees are given too little creative freedom.
But be careful! Too much freedom makes creativity random. A type of focused freedom is therefore needed.

3. Employees who lack confidence need more guidance and clear rules.
In many cases, however, there is not sufficient time for this and many managers are reminded of their own children. In spite of the difficulties, a few more tips here, a clear description of the process there and a few sympathetic ears are a small price to pay for a good atmosphere at work.

Michael Hübler

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