Opening Keynote

productronica Opening Keynote

Manufacturing of Footwear and the Changes by Digitization.

Please notice that all information below refer to productronica 2017. The program for productronica 2019 will be available here as of September 2019.

The presentation of Christian Decker will show the development and changes of this traditional consumer product industry through digitization. New business models and a much deeper integration of traditional serial processes can arise and will be supported by a full digital description of the product and manufacturing process. The content of Industry 4.0 and IoT is comparable to developments of some decades ago but can be realized today based on economically available computing units and communication and networking options. Welcome back CIM—Computer Integrated Manufacturing will be the only possibility of lot size one pair production, individually adapted to consumers feet! What’s needed is an intelligent integration of raw-material and product detection by multi-sensorics, algorithms for automatic parameter setting of production equipment, control of the products in the manufacturing process, observation in the following logistic and use by the consumer and finally the control of the related recycling processes to close the loop.

Christian Decker

Christian Decker

Christian Decker, born 1967, graduated from the University of Bremen/Germany in engineering and company design.

He began his career in subjects of new technologies and rapid prototyping in the applications for the automotive and aircraft industries. In 1997 he entered the company DESMA and was responsible for many projects of reorganization and integration of ERP systems and CAD design tools, followed by a variety of managing positions in development and design of all DESMA products. Since 2009 Christian has joined the managing board and is today CEO of DESMA.

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