October 14, 2015

productronica to feature a new Cables, Coils & Hybrids cluster

The trend is toward wireless? On the contrary: Many of today's achievements would not even be possible without wires and cables. Whether it comes to the energy sector or Internet technology, superior-quality wires and cables are a prerequisite. The sectors for cable manufacturing, manufacturing technologies for plug connectors, coiled-product manufacturing and hybrid-component manufacturing are an important part of productronica. For the first time ever, they are being united under a single roof in the Cables, Coils and Hybrids cluster. As a result, exhibitors and visitors will find an optimum platform for new innovations and developments in Hall B2. productronica takes place in Munich from November 10–13, 2015.

To guarantee the trouble-free use of wires and cables in various applications, they must be produced in the highest quality. If wires and cables fail during or after installation, the consequences can be extremely expensive or, worse, even fatal—regardless of whether they are used in power plants or airplanes. To consistently ensure first-rate quality, one must exercise extreme care when selecting materials just as much as when manufacturing and processing wires and cables. To give visitors a better overview, the various sectors have been united in a single cluster. About 160 exhibitors will present their latest technologies and products at productronica in November.

productronica—a platform for world premieres
Komax Wire has been exhibiting at productronica for more than 30 years. Thanks to its diverse product portfolio, the leading cable manufacturer has significantly shaped and promoted the development of cable processing. Marc Schürmann, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Service at Komax Wire, on today's challenges: “Customers' demands when it comes to quality, the level of automation and productivity of cable harness manufacturing have increased considerably. Above all, the forces driving this development are the rapidly growing number of lines, the increased complexity of the cable harnesses and the introduction of new technologies.” For this reason, cable manufacturers must adapt, automate and network with one another to be able to manufacture faster while maintaining the necessary level of quality. Komax Wire will also have a unique networking solution for crimping on display that can link several bench-top presses with one another. As an example of new technologies, the Swiss company's exhibit at productronica will demonstrate how to process extremely sensitive aluminum cable while maintaining a high level of quality.

Komax Wire is also presenting a world premiere at the fair, i.e. the next generation of fully automatic crimping machines. “It will allow us to set new standards for the entire industry,” explains Schürmann, who goes on to emphasize the following: “Our customers and users in various branches of industry want to find out where cable manufacturing is headed and which innovations can help them to increase their efficiency directly from the source. productronica enjoys a position of great importance in the industry, so it is the perfect platform for doing so.”

Schleuniger and productronica—a strong team
Martin Engel, Director of Group Marketing & Communications at the Swiss Schleuniger Group, confirms the constant demand for fully automatic and flexible processing systems and solutions in cable manufacturing: “Production processes along the value chain must be perfectly linked and ensure maximum transparency. That is why companies that offer solutions for cable manufacturing must respond accordingly to take customers' needs into account and not be left by the wayside.” Therefore Schleuniger, a leading equipment supplier to the cable-processing industry, is taking advantage of productronica's 40th anniversary to present more innovations than ever before in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids cluster. “productronica and Schleuniger both got their start as newcomers 40 years ago and have had an impressive success story ever since. As the world's leading trade fair for this industry, productronica is now indispensible—and for good reason. After all, the exhibition constantly focuses on the needs of its exhibitors,” says Martin Engel.

Manufacturing technology for plug connectors
Connection technology is closely related to cable technology. For example, when replacing expensive copper with aluminum in automotive manufacturing, the crimp connections for the plug connectors also have to be replaced. Processing new materials such as multi-mode glass fibers or superconductors are just two examples of new, exciting topics that visitors can look forward to at this year's fair.

Challenge: Coiled-product manufacturing
Coiled-product manufacturing is also one of the sectors in this cluster. Given the growing trend toward automation, it is currently undergoing radical change. For example, when it comes to small and medium-sized transformers and e-motors, highly automated manufacturing has become widespread. In addition, the topic of energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role among manufacturers of coiled products—and is influencing how they think and act during the manufacturing process. For example, more and more frequency-controlled motors are being used to implement energy-efficiency guidelines. The associated use of frequency converters and switching power supplies calls for a new way to look at partial-discharge issues and a correspondingly careful approach to processing with regard to insulation spacing and choosing an insulation system. productronica 2015 is an important gathering for discussing these issues. Exhibitors such as Marsilli, Meteor, Ruff and TE Connectivity will present products and solutions for dealing with these challenges.

Hybrid components: The best of two worlds
productronica also gives hybrid components a large forum. A total of 58 exhibitors will demonstrate that the combination of metal and plastic has enormous potential to offer the electronics industry. After all, combining different materials can result in customized, multifunctional components that can be used for a large number of applications. In the beginning, these components were primarily used in the automotive and communications industries. Now hybrid components are also being used in electronics.

Photos for this press release

Photos for this press release

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