Strategies Unlimited: Fiberlaser durchbrechen die Schallmauer (engl.)

Fiber lasers have been the fastest growing laser type for the last several years because they are durable, relatively inexpensive, have a long-life, require less on-going maintenance, and are very power-efficient. Initially, fiber lasers competed in the industrial IR wavelength segment, but newer laser technology is opening up opportunities for fiber lasers in the UV wavelengths, visible wavelengths, and in mid-IR wavelengths. This report covers the growing opportunities of fiber and contains a 5-year forecast for each segment.

Fiber lasers have existed for almost as long as the laser itself, but they weren’t a commercial success until IPG Photonics, looking for alternative sources of revenue, invested heavily in the fiber laser market after seeing its telecom revenue rapidly drop in 2000. Today IPG Photonics is the largest producer of fiber lasers and is largely responsible for their overall success, but as the popularity of the fiber laser increased, so has the number of applications the fiber laser could perform. This has opened up many opportunities for a wide array of laser companies that compete in a variety of fiber laser markets. In 2014, total fiber laser revenue worldwide will exceed $1 billion dollars for the first time.

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